DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 1988

Best Director
David Cronenberg    Dead Ringers
Tim Burton    Beetlejuice
John McTiernan    Die Hard
Also worth mentioning
Barry Levinson    Rain Man
Roman Polanski    Frantic
Martin Brest    Midnight Run

Best Actor
Jeremy Irons    Dead Ringers
Dustin Hoffman    Rain Man
Also worth mentioning
Eric Bogosian    Talk Radio
Harrison Ford    Frantic
Michael Keaton    Beetlejuice
Christopher Walken    Biloxi Blues
Tom Cruise    Rain Man
Charles Grodin    Midnight Run
Robert De Niro    Midnight Run
Bruce Willis    Die Hard
Alan Rickman    Die Hard

Best Cinematography
Peter Suschitzky    Dead Ringers
Also worth mentioning
Donald E. Thorin    Midnight Run
John Seale    Rain Man
Jan de Bont    Die Hard
Robert Richardson    Talk Radio

Best Score
Howard Shore    Dead Ringers
Danny Elfman    Beetlejuice,
Midnight Run,
Hans Zimmer    Rain Man
Christopher Young    Hellbound: Hellraiser II
Also worth mentioning
Ennio Morricone    Frantic
James Horner    Willow,

Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Bo Welch    Beetlejuice

Best Sound Editing
Die Hard
Also worth mentioning
Best Picture
Dead Ringers
Rain Man
Die Hard
Also worth mentioning
Midnight Run
Talk Radio

Best Actress
Geneviève Bujold    Dead Ringers

Best Writing
David Cronenberg,
Norman Snider
   Dead Ringers
Also worth mentioning
Eric Bogosian,
Oliver Stone
   Talk Radio
Michael McDowell,
Warren Skaaren,
Tim Burton,
Larry Wilson
George Gallo    Midnight Run
Neil Simon    Biloxi Blues
Ronald Bass,
Barry Morrow
   Rain Man
Tim Krabbe,
George Sluizer
   The Vanishing
Roman Polanski &
Gérard Brach

Best Makeup
Ve Neill,
Steve LaPorte,
Robert Short
Rick Baker    Coming to America

Best Visual Effects
Ken Ralston,
Richard Williams,
Ed Jones,
George Gibbs
   Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Also worth mentioning
Peter Kuran,
Alan Munro,
Ted Rae,
Robert Short
Dennis Muren,
Michael J. McAlister,
Phil Tippett,
Christopher Evans
?    Die Hard

Leading movies:
Dead Ringers:   Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Cinematography, Score, Writing.
Beetlejuice:   Picture, Director, (Actor), Score, Writing, Makeup, Visual Effects, Art Direction-Set Decoration, (Sound Editing).
Die Hard:   Picture, Director, (Actor) (x2), (Cinematography), (Visual Effects), Sound Editing.
Rain Man:   Picture, (Director), Actor (x2), (Cinematography), Score, (Writing).
Midnight Run:   (Picture), (Director), (Actor) (x2), (Cinematography), (Score), (Writing).
Frantic:   (Picture), (Director), (Actor), (Score), (Writing).

Movies that were considered (48):
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 | A Time of Destiny | Akira | Beaches | Beetlejuice | Big Business | Biloxi Blues | Child's Play | Clean and Sober | Cocktail | Colors | Coming to America | Crocodile Dundee II | Dead Ringers | Die Hard | Dirty Rotten Scoundrels | Drowning by Numbers | Earth Girls are Easy | Frantic | Gorillas in the Mist | Hot to Trot | License to Drive | Married to the Mob | Men Behind the Sun | Midnight Run | Mississippi Burning | Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach | Poltergeist III | Punchline | Rain Man | Red Heat | Scrooged | Switching Channels | Talk Radio | Tetsuo | The Big Blue | The Dead Pool | The Dirk Diggler Story | The Firm | The Great Outdoors | The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! | The Vanishing | They Live | Tucker: The Man and His Dream | Twins | Vibes | Willow | Young Guns.

Movies that were not considered (and should have):
A Fish Called Wanda | Another Woman | Big | Big Top Pee Wee | Bright Lights Big City | Dominick & Eugene | Everbody's All-American | Hellbound: Hellraiser II | High Spirits | Little Nikita | Tequila Sunrise | The Accidental Tourist | The Adventures of Baron Munchausen | The Last Temptation of Christ | The Unbearable Lightness of Being | Who Framed Roger Rabbit | Working Girl.