DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 1990

Best Director
Tim Burton    Edward Scissorhands
Martin Scorsese    Goodfellas
Jim Sheridan    The Field
Paul Verhoeven    Total Recall
Adrian Lyne    Jacob's Ladder
Phil Joanou    State of Grace
Luc Besson    Nikita

Best Actor
Johnny Depp    Edward Scissorhands
Richard Harris    The Field
John Hurt    The Field
Jeremy Irons    Reversal of Fortune
Tim Robbins    Jacob's Ladder
Also worth mentioning
Ron Silver    Reversal of Fortune
Burgess Meredith    State of Grace
Ed Harris    State of Grace
Gary Oldman    State of Grace
Ray Liotta    Goodfellas
Joe Pesci    Goodfellas
Robert De Niro    Goodfellas /
Paul Sorvino    Goodfellas
Robin Williams    Awakenings
Sean Bean    The Field
Danny Aiello    Jacob's Ladder

Best Cinematography
Stefan Czapsky    Edward Scissorhands
Jordan Cronenweth    State of Grace
Michael Ballhaus    Goodfellas
Jost Vacano    Total Recall
Also worth mentioning
Jack Conroy    The Field
Vittorio Storaro    Dick Tracy
Dean Cundey    Back to the Future Part III
Jeffrey L. Kimball    Jacob's Ladder

Best Score
Danny Elfman    Edward Scissorhands /
Darkman /
Nightbreed /
Dick Tracy
Jerry Goldsmith    Total Recall
Elmer Bernstein    The Field
Maurice Jarre    Jacob's Ladder
Also worth mentioning
Eric Serra    Nikita
Hans Zimmer    Pacific Heights
Ennio Morricone    State of Grace

Best Production Design
Bo Welch    Edward Scissorhands
William Sandell    Total Recall
Also worth mentioning
Richard Sylbert,
Rick Simpson
   Dick Tracy

Best Steadicam
Larry McConkey    Goodfellas,
State of Grace,
The Bonfire of the Vanities,
Jacob's Ladder
Best Picture
Edward Scissorhands
The Field
Total Recall
State of Grace
Jacob's Ladder
Also worth mentioning
Europa Europa

Best Actress
Kathy Bates    Misery
Brenda Fricker    The Field
Dianne Wiest    Edward Scissorhands
Kathy Baker    Edward Scissorhands
Anne Parillaud    Nikita
Also worth mentioning
Lorraine Bracco    Goodfellas
Robin Wright Penn    State of Grace
Cher    Mermaids
Jennier Jason Leigh    Miami Blues
Elizabeth Pena    Jacob's Ladder

Best Writing
Caroline Thompson    Edward Scissorhands
Nicholas Pileggi &
Martin Scorsese
Jim Sheridan    The Field
Ronald Shusett,
Dan O'Bannon,
Jon Povill
   Total Recall
Bruce Joel Rubin    Jacob's Ladder
Also worth mentioning
Dennis McIntyre    State of Grace
Agnieszka Holland    Europa Europa
Nicholas Kazan    Reversal of Fortune

Best Makeup
Ve Neill, Stan Winston    Edward Scissorhands
?    Total Recall
Also worth mentioning
David LeRoy Anderson    Young Guns II
John Caglione Jr.,
Doug Drexler
   Dick Tracy

Best Editing
Thelma Schoonmaker    Goodfellas
Tom Rolf    Jacob's Ladder
Claire Simpson    State of Grace
Frank J. Urioste    Total Recall

Best Visual Effects
Eric Brevig,
Rob Bottin,
Tim McGovern,
Alex Funke
   Total Recall
Also worth mentioning
Stan Winston    Edward Scissorhands

Best Sound Editing
Total Recall

Leading movies:
Edward Scissorhands:   Director, Picture, Actor, Actress (x2), Cinematography, Score, Writing, Makeup, (Visual Effects), Production Design.
Total Recall:   Director, Picture, Cinematography, Score, (Writing), Makeup, Editing, Visual Effects, Production Design, Sound Editing.
The Field:   Director, Picture, Actor (x3), Actress, (Cinematography), Score, Writing.
Goodfellas:   Director, Picture, (Actor) (x4), (Actress), Cinematography, Editing, Writing, Steadicam.
State of Grace:   Director, Picture, Actor (x3), (Actress), Cinematography, (Score), (Writing), Editing, Steadicam.
Jacob's Ladder:   Director, Picture, (Cinematography), (Score), (Writing).
Dick Tracy:   (Cinematography), (Score), (Makeup), (Production Design).

Movies that were considered (52):
Awakenings | Back to the Future Part III | Begotten | Child's Play 2 | Circuitry Man | Dances with Wolves | Darkman | Days of Thunder | Dennis Miller: Black and White | Dick Tracy | Die Hard 2 | Edward Scissorhands | Europa Europa | Frankenstein Unbound | Ghost | Goodfellas | Green Card | Hamlet | Henry & June | Home Alone | I Love You to Death | Jacob's Ladder | King of New York | Mermaids | Miami Blues | Miller's Crossing | Misery | Mr. & Mrs. Bridge | Mr. Destiny | My Blue Heaven | Night of the Living Dead | Nightbreed | Nikita | Postcards from the Edge | Presumed Innocent | Pretty Woman | Psycho IV: The Beginning | Pump Up the Volume | Q & A | Quick Change | Reversal of Fortune | RoboCop 2 | State of Grace | Taking Care of Business | The Field | The Godfather: Part III | The Hunt for Red October | Total Recall | Tremors | Trust | Wild at Heart | Young Guns II.

Movies that were not considered (and should have):
Alice | Avalon | The Bonfire of the Vanities | The Grifters | Too Young to Die?

Special Awards

Best Trailer: State of Grace, The Field.
Best Soundtrack (Songs): Goodfellas.

Worst Excuse for a Sequel: Die Hard 2.
Worst Movie: Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.