DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 1992

Best Director
Woody Allen    Husbands and Wives
Francis Ford Coppola    Dracula
Quentin Tarantino    Reservoir Dogs
Also worth mentioning
Tim Burton    Batman Returns
Cameron Crowe    Singles
Bernard Rose    Candyman

Best Actor
Gary Oldman    Dracula
Sydney Pollack    Husbands and Wives
Robert Downey Jr.    Chaplin
Jack Nicholson    A Few Good Men
Also worth mentioning
Tom Waits    Dracula
Danny DeVito    Batman Returns
Jeff Fahey    The Lawnmower Man
Woody Allen    Husbands and Wives
Joe Pesci    My Cousin Vinny

Best Cinematography
Michael Ballhaus    Dracula
Stefan Czapsky    Batman Returns
Also worth mentioning
Alex Thomson    Alien 3
Adam Greenberg    Toys
Robert Richardson    A Few Good Men

Best Score
Vangelis    1492: Conquest of Paradise
Wojciech Kilar    Dracula
Danny Elfman    Batman Returns
Philip Glass    Candyman
Elliot Goldenthal    Alien 3
Jerry Goldsmith    Basic Instinct

Best Writing
Woody Allen    Husbands and Wives
Quentin Tarantino    Reservoir Dogs
Cameron Crowe    Singles
Clive Barker,
Bernard Rose

Best Editing
Anne Goursaud,
Glen Scantlebury,
Nicholas C. Smith
Best Picture
Husbands and Wives
Also worth mentioning
Batman Returns

Best Actress
Judy Davis    Husbands and Wives
Juliette Lewis    Husbands and Wives
Also worth mentioning
Miranda Richardson    Fatale
Marisa Tomei    My Cousin Vinny
Virginia Madsen    Candyman
Joan Cusack    Toys
Mia Farrow    Husbands and Wives

Best Makeup
Greg Cannom,
Michele Burke,
Matthew W. Mungle
Ve Neill,
Ronnie Specter,
Stan Winston
   Batman Returns
Also worth mentioning
Thomas Floutz    Raising Cain

Best Visual Effects
Death Becomes Her
Also worth mentioning
Alien 3
Batman Returns

Best Sound Editing

Best Steadicam
Larry McConkey    Basic Instinct,
Raising Cain
James Muro    Raising Cain
Also worth mentioning
Joe Ritter    Dracula

Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Also worth mentioning

Leading movies:
Husbands and Wives:   Director, Picture, Actor (x2), Actress (x3), Writing.
Dracula:   Director, (Picture), Actor (x2), Cinematography, Score, Makeup, (Visual Effects), Editing, (Art Direction-Set Decoration), Steadicam.
Batman Returns:   (Director), (Picture), (Actor), Cinematography, Score, Makeup, (Visual Effects).

Movies that were considered (41):
1492: Conquest of Paradise | Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer | Aladdin | Alien³ | Bad Lieutenant | Basic Instinct | Black to the Promised Land | Braindead | Cables | Candyman | Chaplin | Dracula | Damage | A Few Good Men | Freejack | Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth | Husbands and Wives | Jamon Jamon | Malcolm X | Man Bites Dog | Memoirs of an Invisible Man | Mistress | Mr. Saturday Night | My Cousin Vinny | Orlando | Raising Cain | Reservoir Dogs | Romper Stomper | Salt on Our Skin | School Ties | Singles | Sneakers | The Bodyguard | The Crying Game | The Lawnmower Man | The Player | The Quiet Earth | The Waterdance | To Catch a Killer | Topaz | Toys | Under Siege.

Movies that were not considered (and should have):
A River Runs Through it | Enchanted April | Glengarry Glen Ross | Hoffa | Howards End | Scent of a Woman | Unforgiven.

Special Awards

Best Ensemble Cast: Glengarry Glen Ross.