DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 1994

Best Director
Tim Burton    Ed Wood
Atom Egoyan    Exotica
Robert Zemeckis    Forrest Gump
James Cameron    True Lies
Also worth mentioning
Oliver Stone    Natural Born Killers

Best Actor
Martin Landau    Ed Wood
Tom Hanks    Forrest Gump
Also worth mentioning
Woody Harrelson    Natural Born Killers
Don McKellar    Exotica
Elias Koteas    Exotica
Bruce Greenwood    Exotica
Johnny Depp    Ed Wood
Bill Murray    Ed Wood
Kevin Spacey    Swimming with Sharks
Frank Whaley    Swimming with Sharks
Peter Greene    Clean, Shaven
Paul Newman    Nobody's Fool
Jeff Daniels    Dumb & Dumber
Jim Carrey    Dumb & Dumber

Best Cinematography
Stefan Czapsky    Ed Wood
Robert Richardson    Natural Born Killers
Giuseppe Rotunno    Wolf
Paul Sarossy    Exotica
Christopher Baffa    Aftermath
Also worth mentioning
Don Burgess    Forrest Gump
Peter Menzies Jr.    The Getaway
Russell Carpenter    True Lies
Roger Pratt    Frankenstein

Best Score
Howard Shore    Ed Wood /
Nobody's Fool
Alan Silvestri    Forrest Gump
Mychael Danna    Exotica
Ennio Morricone    Wolf
Patrick Doyle    Frankenstein
Also worth mentioning
Brad Fiedel    True Lies
Tom Hiel    Swimming with Sharks

Best Makeup
Rick Baker    Ed Wood /
Daniel Parker,
Paul Engelen,
Carol Hemming

Best Production Design
Best Picture
Ed Wood
Forrest Gump
True Lies
Also worth mentioning
Natural Born Killers
Swimming with Sharks

Best Actress
Also worth mentioning
Arsinee Khanjian    Exotica
Mia Kirshner    Exotica
Juliette Lewis    Natural Born Killers

Best Writing
Atom Egoyan    Exotica
Scott Alexander &
Larry Karaszewski
   Ed Wood
Eric Roth    Forrest Gump
Also worth mentioning
David Veloz &
Richard Rutowski &
Oliver Stone
   Natural Born Killers
James Cameron    True Lies
George Huang    Swimming with Sharks
Jim Harrison and
Wesley Strick

Best Editing
Brian Berdan,
Hank Corwin
   Natural Born Killers
Conrad Buff IV,
Mark Goldblatt,
Richard A. Harris,
James Cameron
   True Lies

Best Visual Effects
Forrest Gump
The Mask
True Lies

Best Steadicam
James Muro    The Getaway,
True Lies
Also worth mentioning
Garrett Brown    Wolf
Peter Robertson,
Kate Robinson
Chris Haarhoff    Airheads

Leading movies:
Ed Wood:   Director, Picture, Actor (x3), Cinematography, Score, Writing, Makeup.
Forrest Gump:   Director, Picture, Actor, (Cinematography), Score, Writing, Visual Effects.
Exotica:   Director, Picture, (Actor) (x3), (Actress) (x2), Cinematography, Score, Writing.
True Lies:   Director, Picture, (Cinematography), (Score), (Writing), Visual Effects, Editing, Steadicam.
Natural Born Killers:   (Director), (Picture), (Actor), (Actress), Cinematography, (Writing), Editing.
Wolf:   Cinematography, Score, (Writing), (Makeup), Steadicam.

Movies that were considered (51):
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective | Aftermath | Airheads | Beverly Hills Cop III | Brainscan | Clean Shaven | Clear and Present Danger | Clerks | Darkman II: The Return of Durant | Dellamorte Dellamore | Dumb & Dumber | Ed Wood | Exotica | Hated | Forrest Gump | Four Weddings and a Funeral | Frankenstein | Heavenly Creatures | Killing Zoe | Leon: The Professional | Little Women | Maverick | Mixed Nuts | Natural Born Killers | New Nightmare | Nightwatch | Nobody's Fool | North | Once were Warriors | Spanking the Monkey | Speed | Swimming with Sharks | Quiz Show | Pulp Fiction | Shallow Grave | S.F.W. (So Fucking What) | The Adventures of Priscilla - Queen of the Desert | The Client | The Crow | The Flintstones | The Getaway | The Lion King | The Mask | The Paper | The Ref | The Shawshank Redemption | The Specialist | True Lies | Wyatt Earp | Wolf | Yrrol - en kolossalt genomtankt film.

Movies that were not considered (and should have):
Bullets over Broadway | Death and the Maiden | Interview with the Vampire | Legends of the Fall | Nell | The Hudsucker Proxy | The Lion King | The Madness of King George | Three Colors: Red | Dumb & Dumber.

Special Awards

Worst Excuse for a Sequel: Beverly Hills Cop III.
Worst Movie: New Nightmare.