DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 1995

Best Director
Kathryn Bigelow    Strange Days
Terry Gilliam    Twelve Monkeys
Tim Robbins    Dead Man Walking
Also worth mentioning
Jon Amiel    Copycat
Amy Heckerling    Clueless
Marc Rocco    Murder in the First

Best Actor
Sean Penn    Dead Man Walking
Kevin Bacon    Murder in the First
Bruce Willis    Twelve Monkeys
Brad Pitt    Twelve Monkeys
Massimo Troisi    Il Postino
Nicolas Cage    Leaving Las Vegas
Also worth mentioning
Leonardo DiCaprio    The Basketball Diaries
Gary Oldman    Murder in the First
Ralph Fiennes    Strange Days
Richard Dreyfuss    Mr. Holland's Opus

Best Cinematography
Matthew F. Leonetti    Strange Days
Also worth mentioning
Dante Spinotti    Heat
Roger Pratt    Twelve Monkeys
Laszlo Kovacs    Copycat
Darius Khondji    The City of Lost Children
Fred Murphy    Murder in the First

Best Score
Danny Elfman    Dolores Claiborne
Christopher Young    Copycat /
Species /
Murder in the First
Hans Zimmer    Crimson Tide
Also worth mentioning
Graeme Revell    Strange Days

Best Makeup
Also worth mentioning
Dolores Claiborne

Best Editing
Howard E. Smith,
James Cameron
   Strange Days
Augie Hess    Jade

Best Production Design
The City of Lost Children
Best Picture
Strange Days
Twelve Monkeys
Dead Man Walking
Also worth mentioning

Best Actress
Jennifer Jason Leigh    Georgia /
Dolores Claiborne
Angela Bassett    Strange Days
Susan Sarandon    Dead Man Walking
Juliette Lewis    Strange Days /
The Basketball Diaries
Also worth mentioning
Kathy Bates    Dolores Claiborne
Sigourney Weaver    Copycat
Madeleine Stowe    Twelve Monkeys
Alicia Silverstone    Clueless

Best Writing
David Webb Peoples &
Janet Peoples
   Twelve Monkeys
Bryan Goluboff    Basketball Diaries
James Cameron and
Jay Cocks
   Strange Days
Amy Heckerling    Clueless
Also worth mentioning
Ann Biderman and
David Madsen

Best Visual Effects
Toy Story
Apollo 13

Best Sound Editing
Strange Days

Best Steadicam
James Muro    Strange Days,
Also worth mentioning
Chris Squires    Copycat
Gregory Lundsgaard    Jade

Leading movies:
Strange Days:   Director, Picture, (Actor), Actress (x2), (Score), Cinematography, Writing, Editing, Sound Editing, Steadicam.
Twelve Monkeys:   Director, Picture, Actor (x2), (Cinematography), Writing.
Dead Man Walking:   Director, Picture, Actor, Actress.
Copycat:   (Director), (Picture), (Actress), Score, (Cinematography), (Writing).

Movies that were considered (49):
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls | Apollo 13 | Batman Forever | Braveheart | Canadian Bacon | Casper | Citizen X | Clueless | Copycat | Crimson Tide | Dead Man Walking | Dead Presidents | Desperado | Dolores Claiborne | Dracula: Dead and Loving It | Executions | Fallen Angels | Forgotten Silver | Georgia | Hate | Heat | Higher Learning | Home for the Holidays | In the Mouth of Madness | Jack & Sarah | Jade | Jumanji | Kids | Leaving Las Vegas | Living in Oblivion | Lord of Illusions | Mallrats | Mr. Holland's Opus | Murder in the First | Nine Months | Oingo Boingo - Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre Halloween 1995 | Se7en | Showgirls | Species | Strange Days | The Basketball Diaries | The City of Lost Children | The Day of the Beast | The Quick and the Dead | The Usual Suspects | Things to do in Denver when you're Dead | Twelve Monkeys | Ulysses' Gaze | Waterworld | Zero Kelvin

Movies that were not considered (and should have):
Casino | Mighty Aphrodite | Mr. Holland's Opus | My Family | Nixon | Roommates.

Special Awards

Best Car Chase: Jade.

Biggest Amount of Cliches in a Single Movie: Braveheart.
Worst Excuse for a Sequel: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.