DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 1996

Best Director
David Cronenberg    Crash
Milos Forman    The People vs. Larry Flynt
Also worth mentioning
Cameron Crowe    Jerry Maguire
Brian De Palma    Mission: Impossible
Joel Coen &
Ethan Coen
Peter Jackson    The Frighteners
Andy Wachowski
Larry Wachowski
Nick Cassavetes    Unhook the Stars

Best Actor
Billy Bob Thornton    Sling Blade
Woody Harrelson    The People vs. Larry Flynt
Geoffrey Rush    Shine
James Spader    Crash
Elias Koteas    Crash
Joe Pantoliano    Bound
Also worth mentioning
Edward Norton    The People vs. Larry Flynt /
Primal Fear
James Woods    Ghosts of Mississippi
William H. Macy    Fargo
Michael Caine    Blood and Wine
Hank Azaria    The Birdcage

Best Cinematography
Peter Suschitzky    Crash /
Mars Attacks!
Bill Pope    Bound
Stephen H. Burum    Mission: Impossible
Also worth mentioning
Roger Deakins    Fargo
Philippe Rousselot    The People vs. Larry Flynt

Best Score
Howard Shore    Crash /
Looking for Richard
Danny Elfman    Mars Attacks! /
Mission: Impossible
Carter Burwell    Fargo
Randy Edelman    Dragonheart
Michal Lorenc    Blood and Wine
Also worth mentioning
Nick Glennie-Smith,
Hans Zimmer
   The Rock
John Frizzell    Undertow
Best Picture
The People vs. Larry Flynt
Also worth mentioning
Jerry Maguire
Mission: Impossible
Unhook the Stars

Best Actress
Courtney Love    The People vs. Larry Flynt
Emily Watson    Breaking the Waves
Laura Dern    Citizen Ruth
Frances McDormand    Fargo
Holly Hunter    Crash
Deborah Unger    Crash
Gena Rowlands    Unhook the Stars
Marisa Tomei    Unhook the Stars

Best Writing
David Cronenberg    Crash
Scott Alexander &
Larry Karaszewski
   The People vs. Larry Flynt
Cameron Crowe    Jerry Maguire
Also worth mentioning
Joel Coen &
Ethan Coen
Nick Cassavetes,
Helen Caldwell
   Unhook the Stars

Best Makeup
Rick Baker,
David LeRoy Anderson
   The Nutty Professor
Also worth mentioning
Greg Cannom    Thinner
Matthew W. Mungle,
Deborah La Mia Denaver
   Ghosts of Mississippi
Rick Baker    The Frighteners

Best Visual Effects
Independence Day
Mission: Impossible
The Frighteners
Also worth mentioning
Mars Attacks!

Leading movies:
Crash:   Director, Picture, Actor (x2), Actress (x2), Cinematography, Score, Writing.
Mission: Impossible:   (Director), (Picture), Cinematography, Score, Visual Effects.
Fargo:   (Director), (Actor), Actress, (Cinematography), Score, (Writing).
The People vs. Larry Flynt:   (Director), (Picture), Actor (x2), Actress, (Writing).

Movies that were considered (42):
Aldous Huxley: The Gravity of Light | Beavis and Butt-head Do America | Blood and Wine | Bound | Breaking the Waves | Citizen Ruth | Crash | Chris Rock: Bring the Pain | Darkman III: Die Darkman Die | Eraser | From Dusk Till Dawn | James and the Giant Peach | Jerry Maguire | Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace | Looking for Richard | Mars Attacks! | Mission: Impossible | Multiplicity | Naked Blood | Phenomenon | Primal Fear | Romeo + Juliet | Scream | Sling Blade | Striptease | Tesis | The Birdcage | The Eighth Day | The Frighteners | The Long Kiss Goodnight | The People vs. Larry Flynt | The Pillow Book | The Rock | The Truth About Cats & Dogs | Thinner | Trainspotting | Tremors II: Aftershocks | Uncle | Undertow | Unhook the Stars | Walking and Talking.

Movies that were not considered (and should have):
Emma | Evita | Michael Collins | The English Patient.

Special Awards

Best Trailer: Crash.

Worst Excuse for a Sequel: Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace.
"Will Sell my Mom for Money" Award: Demi Moore for Striptease.
Worst Blockbuster: The Rock.