DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 1998

Best Director
Darren Aronofsky    Pi
Also worth mentioning
Steven Spielberg    Saving Private Ryan
Vincent Gallo    Buffalo '66
Bill Condon    Gods and Monsters
Terry Gilliam    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Joel Coen    The Big Lebowski
Alex Proyas    Dark City
Todd Solondz    Happiness
Brian De Palma    Snake Eyes
Tony Kaye    American History X

Best Actor
Edward Norton    American History X
Sean Gullette    Pi
Ian McKellen    Gods and Monsters
Kevin Bacon    Digging to China
Also worth mentioning
Mark Margolis    Pi
Billy Bob Thornton    A Simple Plan
Vincent Gallo    Buffalo '66
Ben Gazzara    Buffalo '66,
Kevin Corrigan    Buffalo '66
Brendan Fraser    Gods and Monsters
Dylan Baker    Happiness
Philip Seymour Hoffman    Happiness,
The Big Lebowski
Sean Penn    Hurlyburly
James Coburn    Affliction
Jeff Bridges    The Big Lebowski
John Goodman    The Big Lebowski
Benicio Del Toro    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Johnny Depp    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Harrison Ford    Six Days Seven Nights
Joseph Gordon-Levitt    Sweet Jane
David Cronenberg    Last Night

Best Cinematography
Matthew Libatique    Pi
Stephen H. Burum    Snake Eyes
Janusz Kaminski    Saving Private Ryan
Dariusz Wolski    Dark City
Also worth mentioning
Tony Kaye    American History X
Stephen M. Katz    Gods and Monsters
Michael Chapman    Six Days Seven Nights
Roger Deakins    The Big Lebowski
Nicola Pecorini    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Best Score
Clint Mansell    Pi
Carter Burwell    Gods and Monsters
Trevor Jones    Dark City
Randy Edelman    Six Days Seven Nights
Anne Dudley    American History X
Also worth mentioning
Graeme Revell    The Negotiator
Ennio Morricone    What Dreams May Come
(Rejected Score)

Best Editing
Oren Sarch    Pi
Michael Kahn    Saving Private Ryan
Dov Hoenig    Dark City
Also worth mentioning
Gerald B. Greenberg,
Alan Heim
   American History X
Best Picture
Pi [Review]
Also worth mentioning
American History X
The Big Lebowski
Dark City
Gods and Monsters
Buffalo '66 [Review]
I Stand Alone
Last Night [Review]
Sweet Jane
Waking Ned
Six Days Seven Nights

Best Actress
Lynn Redgrave    Gods and Monsters
Also worth mentioning
Anjelica Huston    Buffalo '66
Christina Ricci    Buffalo '66
Samantha Mathis    Sweet Jane
Meryl Streep    One True Thing
Evan Rachel Wood    Digging to China

Best Writing
Darren Aronofsky &
Sean Gullette &
Eric Watson
Bill Condon    Gods and Monsters
Ethan Coen &
Joel Coen
   The Big Lebowski
Todd Solondz    Happiness
Don McKellar    Last Night
Alex Proyas &
Lem Dobbs &
David S. Goyer
   Dark City
David McKenna    American History X
Also worth mentioning
Vincent Gallo &
Alison Bagnall
   Buffalo '66
Joe Gayton    Sweet Jane
Kirk Jones    Waking Ned
Terry Gilliam &
Tony Grisoni and
Tod Davies &
Alex Cox
   Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Best Visual Effects
A Bug's Life
Saving Private Ryan
What Dreams May Come
Also worth mentioning
Dark City

Best Makeup
Gods and Monsters

Best Steadicam
Larry McConkey    Snake Eyes
Also worth mentioning
The Negotiator    Snake Eyes

Best Sound Editing
Saving Private Ryan

Best Production Design
Dark City

Best Steadicam
?    The Big Lebowski

Leading movies:
Pi:   Director, Picture, Actor (x2), Cinematography, Score, Writing, Editing.
Gods and Monsters:   (Director), (Picture), Actor (x2), Actress, (Cinematography), Score, Writing, Makeup.
Buffalo '66:   Director, Picture, (Actor) (x3), (Actress) (x2), (Writing).
American History X:   (Director), (Picture), Actor, (Cinematography), (Writing), (Editing).
The Big Lebowski:   (Director), (Picture), (Actor) (x2), (Cinematography), Writing.
Dark City:   (Director), (Picture), Cinematography, Score, Writing, (Visual Effects), Production Design, Editing.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:   (Director), (Actor) (x2), (Cinematography), (Writing).
Sweet Jane:   (Picture), (Actor), (Actress), (Writing).

Movies that were considered (94):
30 Still Single: Contemplating Suicide | A Bug's Life | A Perfect Murder | A Simple Plan | All the Little Animals | Almost Heroes | American History X | Antz | Armageddon | Art Museum by the Zoo | BASEketball | Black Cat, White Cat | Blade | Buffalo '66 | Bulworth | Chinese Erotic Ghost Story | Cousin | Dark City | Deep Impact | Digging to China | Doctor Dolittle | Enemy of the State | Fallen | Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas | Following | Freak | Fucking Amal | Funny Games | Genesis | Gia | Gods and Monsters | Godzilla | Great Expectations | Happiness | He got Game | High Art | Houdini | Hurlyburly | I Stand Alone | I Still Know What You Did Last Summer | Idioterne | Jane Austen's Mafia! | Last Night | Lethal Weapon 4 | Little Voice | Living Out Loud | Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels | Lost in Space | Mercury Rising | My Giant | Next Stop Wonderland | One True Thing | Patch Adams | Pecker | Pi | Playing by Heart | Pleasantville | Rounders | Rush Hour | Rushmore | Saving Private Ryan | Shakespeare in Love | Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl | Simon Birch | Sitcom | Six Days Seven Nights | Sliding Doors | Smoke Signals | Snake Eyes | Soldier | Species II | Sphere | Still Crazy | Sweet Jane | Taxi | The Big Lebowski | The Birdcage Inn | The Dead Pool | The Dinner Game | The Faculty | The Man in the Iron Mask | The Negotiator | The Odd Couple II | The Opposite of Sex | The Quiet Family | The Taxman | The Thin Red Line | The Truman Show | The Velocity of Gary | The Wedding Singer | There's Something About Mary | Thursday | Waking Ned | What Dreams May Come | Whatever | Wrongfully Accused.

Movies that were not considered (and should have):

Special Awards

Best Trailer: Pi.
Best Ensemble Cast: Hurlyburly.

Worst Blockbuster: Armageddon, Godzilla, Deep Impact.
Most Shameless Rip-off: Sphere.
Worst Excuse for a Sequel: Species II.
Worst Screenplay: Andrew Niccol for The Truman Show.