DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 1999

Best Director
Paul Thomas Anderson    Magnolia
Also worth mentioning
Stanley Kubrick    Eyes Wide Shut
Mark Pellington    Arlington Road
David Lynch    The Straight Story
David Cronenberg    eXistenZ
Andy Wachowski &
Larry Wachowski
   The Matrix
Luc Besson    Joan of Arc
Milos Forman    Man on the Moon
Atom Egoyan    Felicia's Journey
Tim Burton    Sleepy Hollow

Best Actor
Philip Seymour Hoffman    Flawless /
Tom Cruise    Magnolia
Jason Robards    Magnolia
Also worth mentioning
Richard Farnsworth    The Straight Story
John C. Reilly    Magnolia
William H. Macy    Magnolia
Philip Baker Hall    Magnolia
Jeremy Blackman    Magnolia
Henry Gibson    Magnolia
Alfred Molina    Magnolia
Jim Carrey    Man on the Moon
Dustin Hoffman    Joan of Arc
Don McKellar    eXistenZ
Jeff Bridges    Arlington Road
Adrien Brody    Oxygen
Michael Caine    The Cider House Rules

Best Writing
Paul Thomas Anderson    Magnolia
Also worth mentioning
Ehren Kruger    Arlington Road
David Cronenberg    eXistenZ
Scott Alexander &
Larry Karaszewski
   Man on the Moon
Andy Wachowski &
Larry Wachowski
   The Matrix
Josef Rusnak &
Ravel Centeno-Rodriguez
   The 13th Floor
Luc Besson,
Andrew Birkin
   Joan of Arc

Best Makeup
Rick Baker    Life
Stan Winston    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Best Sound Editing
Joan of Arc
Also worth mentioning
Arlington Road

Best Art Direction-Set Decoration /
Costume Design
Joan of Arc

Best Editing
Dylan Tichenor    Magnolia
Zach Staenberg    The Matrix
Conrad Buff IV    Arlington Road
Best Picture
Also worth mentioning
Eyes Wide Shut
The Straight Story
The Matrix
Arlington Road
Man on the Moon
Joan of Arc

Best Actress
Julianne Moore    Magnolia
Melora Walters    Magnolia
Melinda Dillon    Magnolia
April Grace    Magnolia
Hilary Swank    Boys don't Cry
Milla Jovovich    Joan of Arc
Chloe Sevigny    Boys don't Cry
Also worth mentioning
Joan Cusack    Arlington Road

Best Score
Jon Brion    Magnolia
Howard Shore    eXistenZ
Angelo Badalamenti    The Straight Story
Thomas Newman    American Beauty
Michael Nyman    Wonderland
Angelo Badalamenti    Arlington Road
Also worth mentioning
Rachel Portman    The Cider House Rules
Eric Serra    Joan of Arc
Jerry Goldsmith    The 13th Warrior
Mychael Danna    Girl, Interrupted
Danny Elfman    Sleepy Hollow

Best Cinematography
Robert Elswit    Magnolia
Emmanuel Lubezki    Sleepy Hollow
Bill Pope    The Matrix
Thierry Arbogast    Joan of Arc
Also worth mentioning
Larry Smith    Eyes Wide Shut
Peter Suschitzky    eXistenZ
Freddie Francis    The Straight Story
Bobby Bukowski    Arlington Road

Best Steadicam
Elizabeth Ziegler,
Guy Norman Bee
Also worth mentioning
Jim McConkey    Arlington Road

Best Visual Effects
The Matrix
Star Wars: Episode I
Also worth mentioning
Toy Story 2
Stuart Little
The Haunting
The Mummy
Galaxy Quest

Leading movies:
Magnolia:   Picture, Director, Actor (x9), Actress (x4), Cinematography, Score, Writing, Editing, (Visual Effects), Steadicam.
The Matrix:   (Picture), (Director), Cinematography, (Writing), Visual Effects, Editing.
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc:   (Picture), (Director), Actress, (Actor), Cinematography, (Score), (Writing), Sound Editing, Art Direction-Set Decoration/Costume Design.
Arlington Road:   (Picture), (Director), (Actor), (Actress), (Writing), Score, (Cinematography), (Steadicam), Editing, (Sound Editing).
eXistenZ:   (Picture), (Director), (Actor), (Cinematography), Score, (Writing).
The Straight Story:   (Picture), (Director), (Actor), (Cinematography), Score.
Man on the Moon:   (Picture), (Director), (Actor), (Writing).

Movies that were considered (88):
6ixtynin9 | 8 1/2 Women | 8MM | American Beauty | American Pie | Analyze This | Arlington Road | Attack the Gas Station! | Audition | Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me | Being John Malkovich | Big Daddy | Blast from the Past | Bowfinger | Boys Don't Cry | Brother | Candyman: Day of the Dead | Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker | Cruel Intentions | David Cross: The Pride is Back | Deep Blue Sea | Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo | Dogma | Election | End of Days | Entrapment | eXistenZ | Eyes Wide Shut | Felicia's Journey | Fight Club | Flawless | Galaxy Quest | Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai | Go | Guest House Paradiso | Guinevere | Happy End | House on Haunted Hill | Kolobos | Liberty Heights | Lies | Life | Magnolia | Man on the Moon | Multi-Facial | My Best Fiend | Office Space | Oxygen | Ravenous | Resurrection | Scarfies | Shiri | Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace | Stigmata | Stir of Echoes | Stuart Little | Summer of Sam | Sweet and Lowdown | The 13th Warrior | The Blair Witch Project | The Bone Collector | The Boondock Saints | The Cider House Rules | The Green Mile | The Haunting | The Hurricane | The Insider | The Iron Giant | The Killer Eye | The Life Before This | The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human | The Matrix | The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc | The Mummy | The Muse | The Other Sister | The Sixth Sense | The Straight Story | The Thirteenth Floor | The Thomas Crown Affair | The Virgin Suicides | The World is not Enough | Three Kings | Toy Story 2 | Wild Wild West | Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies | Wonderland | Yana's Friends.

Movies that were not considered (and should have):
The End of the Affair | The Hurricane | The Talented Mr. Ripley | Titus.

Special Awards

Best Ensemble Cast: Magnolia.
Best Trailer: Magnolia, eXistenZ.

Worst Actress: Lili Taylor and Catherine Zeta-Jones for The Haunting.
Biggest Insult to the Intelligence: M. Night Shyamalan for the plot("-twist") in The Sixth Sense.
Most Ludicrous Casting: Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist in The World is not Enough.
Worst Movie: The Blair Witch Project.
Worst Sequel: Candyman: Day of the Dead.