DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 2000

Best Director
Darren Aronofsky    Requiem for a Dream
Also worth mentioning
Robert Zemeckis    Cast Away
Christopher Nolan    Memento
Brad Anderson    Happy Accidents
Jonathan Glazer    Sexy Beast
Robert Lepage    Possible Worlds
Ki-duk Kim    The Isle (Seom)
Ben Younger    Boiler Room
Tarsem Singh    The Cell
Hyun-seung Lee    Il Mare

Best Actor
Christopher McDonald    Requiem for a Dream
Jared Leto    Requiem for a Dream
Tom Hanks    Cast Away
Ben Kingsley    Sexy Beast
Willem Dafoe    Shadow of the Vampire
Vincent D'Onofrio    Happy Accidents,
The Cell
Ed Harris    Pollock
Guy Pearce    Memento
Christian Bale    American Psycho
Mickey Rourke    Animal Factory
Tom Arnold    Animal Factory
Giovanni Ribisi    The Gift
Philip Seymour Hoffman    State and Main
Cole Hauser    Tigerland
Marlon Wayans    Requiem for a Dream
Brendan Fraser    Bedazzled
Ray Winstone    Sexy Beast

Best Cinematography
Matthew Libatique    Requiem for a Dream
Also worth mentioning
Don Burgess    Cast Away
Jost Vacano    Hollow Man
Paul Laufer    The Cell
Lisa Rinzler    Pollock
Seo-shik Hwang    The Isle (Seom)
Wally Pfister    Memento
Lou Bogue    Shadow of the Vampire
Andrzej Sekula    American Psycho
Kyung-Pyo Hong    Il Mare

Best Score
Clint Mansell    Requiem for a Dream
Also worth mentioning
David Julyan    Memento
Dan Jones    Shadow of the Vampire
Evan Lurie    Happy Accidents
Rachel Portman    Chocolat
Christopher Young    The Gift
Alan Silvestri    Cast Away
John Cale    American Psycho
Sang-yun Jeon    The Isle (Seom)
Hyeon-Cheol Kim    Il Mare
Jeff Beal    Pollock

Best Writing
Hubert Selby Jr. and
Darren Aronofsky
   Requiem for a Dream
Christopher Nolan,
Jonathan Nolan
Brad Anderson    Happy Accidents
Also worth mentioning
John Mighton    Possible Worlds
Daniel Clowes &
Terry Zwigoff
   Ghost World
Ben Younger    Boiler Room
Steven Katz    Shadow of the Vampire
Best Picture
Requiem for a Dream [review]
Also worth mentioning
Happy Accidents
Sexy Beast
Ghost World
Possible Worlds
Shadow of the Vampire
Cast Away
Il Mare
The Isle (Seom)
Boiler Room
Thomas in Love

Best Actress
Ellen Burstyn    Requiem for a Dream
Also worth mentioning
Marisa Tomei    Happy Accidents
Cate Blanchett    The Gift
Monica Bellucci    Malena
Marcia Gay Harden    Pollock
Jennifer Connelly    Requiem for a Dream
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio    The Perfect Storm
Elizabeth Hurley    Bedazzled

Best Makeup
Vincent J. Guastini    Requiem for a Dream
Rick Baker    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Also worth mentioning
?    X-Men
Ann Buchanan,
Amber Sibley
   Shadow of the Vampire
Michele Burke,
Edouard F. Henriques
   The Cell
Matthew W. Mungle    Bedazzled

Best Editing
Jay Rabinowitz    Requiem for a Dream
Also worth mentioning
John Scott,
Sam Sneade
   Sexy Beast
Dody Dorn    Memento
Brad Anderson    Happy Accidents

Best Visual Effects
Hollow Man
The Perfect Storm
Cast Away
Also worth mentioning
The 6th Day

Best Sound Editing
Requiem for a Dream

Best Art Direction-Set Decoration /
Costume Design
The Cell
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Leading movies:
Requiem for a Dream:   Director, Picture, Actor (x3), Actress (x2), Cinematography, Editing, Score, Writing, Makeup, Sound Editing.
Cast Away:   (Director), (Picture), Actor, (Cinematography), (Score), Visual Effects.
Happy Accidents:   (Director), (Picture), (Actor), (Actress), (Editing), Writing.
Memento:   (Director), (Picture), (Cinematography), (Editing), (Score), Writing.
Shadow of the Vampire:   (Picture), (Actor), (Cinematography), (Score), (Writing), (Makeup).
Pollock:   (Actor), (Actress), (Cinematography), (Score).

Movies that were considered (93):
Aberdeen | Almost Famous | American Psycho | Amores Perros | Baise-moi | Barking Dogs Never Bite | Battle Royale | Bedazzled | Before Night Falls | Best in Show | Boiler Room | Brother | Bruiser | Cast Away | Cecil B. DeMented | Chopper | Coyote Ugly | Dinosaur | Dancing at the Blue Iguana | Dude Where's my Car? | Erin Brockovich | Final Destination | Frequency | Ghost World | Gone in Sixty Seconds | Happy Accidents | Hellraiser: Inferno | High Fidelity | Hollow Man | How the Grinch Stole Christmas | I.K.U. | Il Mare | Keeping the Faith | Kiss Kiss Bang Bang | Little Nicky | Love, Honour and Obey | Maelstrom | Malena | Men Make Women Crazy Theory | Meet the Parents | Memento | Mission: Impossible II | Mission to Mars | Monday | O Brother where Art Thou? | Ocean Oasis | Party 7 | Pitch Black | Pollock | Psycho Beach Party | Rated X | Real Fiction | Red Planet | Requiem for a Dream | Robocop: Prime Directives | Saving Grace | Scary Movie | Scream 3 | Sexy Beast | Shadow of the Vampire | Shaft | Skipped Parts | Small Time Crooks | Space Cowboys | State and Main | Steal This Movie | Taxi 2 | Tears of the Black Tiger | The 6th Day | The Atrocity Exhibition | The Beach | The Cell | The Foul King | The Gift | The Isle (Seom) | The Law of Enclosures | The Perfect Storm | The Sea that Thinks | The Way of the Gun | The Weight of Water | Thomas in Love | Tigerland | Timecode | Traffic | Tycus | Unbreakable | | What Lies Beneath | What Planet are you From? | Wonder Boys | X-Men | Yi yi: A One and a Two... | You Can Count on me.

Movies that were not considered (and should have):
Chocolat | Gladiator | Panic | Quills.

Special Awards

Best Trailer: Requiem for a Dream.
Worst Trailer: Happy Accidents.

Stupidest Winning: Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role goes to Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich) instead of Ellen Burstyn (Requiem for a Dream).
Most Pretentious Director: John Woo for Mission: Impossible II.
"Will Sell my Mom and Art for Money and Fame" Award: John Woo for Mission: Impossible II.
Most Annoying Smile: Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible II.
Most Annoying Editing: Mission: Impossible II for playing half the movie in slow-motion.

Worst Parody: Psycho Beach Party.