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Note Nr.: 5 from 2002-05-20 23:27:50
by Alex Gaskell


I've e-mailed already to tell you what a good site this is, but I thought I would sign the guestbook as well to show my support.
I live in Manchester England, which for the benefit of Andrew Palkovic is 3424 miles from David Cronenbergs house in Toronto.
I don't have my own website so I have left a link to my cat hates you, as you can never have too much feline animosity in your life.
Long live the creme fraiche!


Note Nr.: 4 from 2002-04-19 20:26:55
by Monkeh

url:  no homepage 

very nice design mate :)
still waiting for the two towers update(s) :)


Note Nr.: 3 from 2002-04-19 05:00:51
by aleix pitarch


greatest site about cronenberg i've found. keep on. i'm a film student, musician and "artist" from spain. spider is going to blow up cannes'02. try to visit . we are a team of people obsessed by the idea that life is a videogame with an important "element of psychosis involved". And with that shit in our brains, we make things which can be called music, paint, cinema, etc. long life the new flesh.


Note Nr.: 2 from 2002-04-06 06:48:23
by Andrew Palkovic


Hello There.

To start my name is Andrew Palkovic.
I'm an independant filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario (Crony's home town). I too appreciate the man's films a great deal and like the idea of his admirers creating our own culture around his extremely important work. I live 5 min. from the man. Not bad eh.

I quite like your site. It's well organized and easy to navigate through. Your updated news page is really informative. I find myself coming to it nearly every other day.

Keep up the great work. I know what it's like to maintain a site, not easy work. Even if people don't tell you we very much appreciate your time and effort.
Keep those pictures and info coming at us.
Long live Cronenberg, Canada's most inportant creative force.

Be Well.
Andrew Palkovic

If people care you can visit my site at the
address listed above.


Note Nr.: 1 from 2002-03-15 17:45:43
by Chris


Well, where to start?

This site just popped out of no where didn't it? Although I aren't a huge fan of downloading full films, I'll make an exeption for Mr. Cronenberg!

Overall, a great site with a lot of potential. What with all the Cronenberg stuff out there, this could be a trly massive site!

All the best,


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