The following questions were answered:

Bev Mantle:
What can you tell us about Painkillers? What relation has Orlan with the project?

Bev Mantle:
There's some rumours about a Scanners' remake. What is your implication with that and what do you think about your work being remade?

According to The Plasma Pool News archive, Artisan Pictures will remake Scanners "concentrating on modern-day paranoia and terrorism". What are your thoughts on remaking, including changes, of your older material?

Have you thought of producing short film(s) to be distributed directly through the Internet?

Cronendrome - UK:
Your proposed project Painkillers seems a further exploration of The New Flesh. What particularly drew you to the world of extreme body art (Orlan and dare I say Michael Jackson!)? How do you see this project as further developing your ideas about the relationship of the body to technology?

Cronendrome - UK:
Is there any chance Red Cars might be made?

as a student of cinematography I'd like to know how do you work with Peter Suchitzscky. Do you give him total freedom to decide the camera's ubication and focal lenghts? Do you planify anything before shooting? How much do you "cover" in shooting? What does Peter do during pre-production?