Author Topic:   CRONENBERG INTERVIEW in the Sitges Film Festival - Suggest your question
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Suggest here your questions for the interview with David Cronenberg at the upcoming Sitges Film Festival in Spain (3-13 October 2002).

You may suggest anything you want. Please try to make it interesting and original. Notice your question is not guaranteed to be asked.
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Ok, I'll start this thread with my own suggestion for a question:

David, I know you're not looking for the latest technology, but what do you think of the recent developments in Digital Video, which allow you to cut the filming costs, thus making more personal movies, and also to make them more intimate in terms of physical space ("The Anniversary Party" for example)?
Simon S. posted 9/16/02 4:07 PM    
"Did you read Proust?" Cronenberg never talk about him and yet they've a lot in common.
Bev Mantle posted 9/16/02 9:08 PM    
What can you tell us about Painkillers? What relation has Orlan with the project?

There's some rumours about a Scanners' remake. What is your implication with that and what do you think about your work being remade?

Some time ago I heard that you were working on the re-editing of Stereo and Crimes of the Future for being screened at film festivals. Is that true? When will be able to see and buy those two movies, or your short-movies Transfer, Camera, and others?
Bill posted 9/17/02 12:33 AM     Click here to send email to Bill  
Mr. Cronenberg!

According to The Plasma Pool News archive, Artisan Pictures will remake Scanners "concentrating on modern-day paranoia and terrorism". What are your thoughts on remaking, including changes, of your older material? If finance was secured, would you like to remake Shivers?

Thank you for making pictures of my mind!
Alex posted 9/17/02 8:38 PM    
How do you personally feel about fan web sites.
Are they flattering? Or slightly scary?
Chris posted 9/17/02 9:41 PM    
Definately a question about the deleted scenes from THE FLY. What Cronenberg's personal opinions on the scenes were, and whether he feels they should be restored in the future!

It would be AMAZING if Cronenberg answered this!


Domdidum posted 9/18/02 6:12 PM    
Mr Cronenberg, visual concepts are very important in your movies; when you write a script, how much do you specify about each scene's visual concept? Do you work on it later? And what happens with this when the screenplay is not yours? In this case, what is your relationship with the writer?
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@Domdidum: "when you write a script, how much do you specify about each scene's visual concept? Do you work on it later"
I just wanted to comment that Cronenberg discusses this subject in "I have to make the Word be Flesh (1999)" and also a little in "Naked making Lunch (1992)".
Greg posted 9/19/02 7:25 PM     Click here to send email to Greg  
1. The Fly has turned into a bit of a cult horror/sci-fi film over the years, and fans are clamoring for a Special Edition. Would you be interested in such a project? Has Fox approached you at all concerning this? If so, would you do a "director's cut" or leave the much-desired deleted scenes out (as extras instead)?

2. Were you a bit surprised to see Howard Shore win an Oscar for ANOTHER director's film (Peter Jackson, Lord of the Rings), and not one of YOUR films, which he's done some *incredible* scoring for?

3. As a filmmaker, do you feel that your work is becoming even *MORE* relevant these days when it comes to technology, biological horrors, etc.?
Chris posted 9/21/02 4:48 PM    
Could you please address that FLY Question as being from "The Fly Film Archive", or something?
Ashbrg (neural-surged) posted 9/26/02 12:45 AM    
In Spider, you talk about how memory configures our identity; Spider builds up a new indetity trhough false memories. How did you work with the actors playing those 'false' characters that are seen through Spider's eyes?

To those around, hurry up and think about what to ask, the interview is really near.
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- Which one of your own movies is your favorite and why?
- Who are your favorite directors? Some of your favorite movies?
- Do you consider yourself an "underground" filmmaker?
- Have you ever felt an "urge" to direct a mainstream 100$ million movie?
- What is your reaction towards the Academy Awards (Oscars) in general, and about you being totally ignored by the Academy those years [true, "The Fly" won Best Makeup]? There are some reviews suggestion that "Spider" might finally be the movie to be nominated for an Oscar on the leading categories (director, actor, etc.) - will you be surprised if it happens?

Some internet-related:
- Have you thought of producing short film(s) to be distributed directly through the Internet?
- What is your reaction towards Cronenberg fan sites on the internet? Have you/are you checking checking them out from time to time?
Chris posted 9/28/02 4:35 PM    
Have you ever considered funding the following sites:
The Plasma Pool
The Fly Film Archive?
Simon S. posted 9/28/02 5:09 PM    
"Do you consider your main-titles (especially in crash and eXistenZ) to be essential for the sense of your movies ?" I think it's a coquetry.
Simon S. posted 9/28/02 5:21 PM    
"Why don't you attach more importance to the trailers of your movies ?" Most of his trailers looks like it was made by Joel Schummacher.
Cronendrome - UK posted 9/30/02 8:58 PM     Click here to send email to Cronendrome - UK  
· Your proposed project “Painkillers” seems a further exploration of “The New Flesh.” What particularly drew you to the world of extreme body art (Orlan and dare I say Michael Jackson!)? How do you see this project as further developing your ideas about the relationship of the body to technology?

· What are your views on contemporary mainstream cinema? Would a film like Videodrome get anywhere near a multiplex nowadays and would you want it to? Does it frustrate you that so many auteur directors have to struggle to find finance in the independent sector while the big studios squander so much money on infantile event cinema?

· On a similar note could you expand on your interest in the proposed Basic Instinct 2 project? Was it the script/cast that caught your eye or the mischievous possibility of bringing your sensibility to a mainstream B movie?

· Is there any chance Red Cars might be made?

· Are there any particular artistic challenges you still wish to achieve (exploring other genre; other collaborations; documentary; digital technology; TV)?

· Videodrome, a key work. Are there any plans to produce a more authorative DVD that might include a commentary?

· Finally trivia: Where you one on the inhabitants of Starliner towers that jumps out of St Luc and Forsythe in the basement? Cheers
"The Cronendrome" Cronenberg News Site
Cronendrome- UK posted 9/30/02 9:46 PM     Click here to send email to Cronendrome- UK  
· Finally trivia: Were you one of the inhabitants of Starliner towers who jumps out at St Luc and Forsythe in the basement? Cheers
"The Cronendrome" David Cronenberg News Site
Schubi posted 10/1/02 3:57 AM    
I finally came up with some questions, hard to think about questions that haven't been asked, but probably have :P

- What's your attidude toward your nicknames Dave 'Deprave' Cronenberg, 'King of venereal horror', 'Baron of blood'? Do they still prove true? I mean, since The Dead Zone, with the exception of The Fly and Dead Ringers, blood hasn't be a big issue in your movies anymore. I think "Flesh" and "mental horror" are the keywords, that someone would connect to your name nowadays. Could you think of a new nick?

- You had several opportunities to direct mainstream-movies like Total Recall, Beverly Hills Cop, etc. Why didn't you take your chance? What are your thoughts about mainstream-moviemaking in general?

- I'm a big fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Are you by any chance too? (DK I had to ask this ;) )What's your attidude e.g. to hockey or physical sport in general? Or are technical issues combined with flesh more interesting for you than the primal ones?

I guess I'm speaking in the name of all cronenberg-fans around the world "Looking forward to see your new movie" :D Cheers.
Schubi posted 10/1/02 3:59 AM    
Sergi_Sergi posted 10/2/02 1:48 AM    
as a student of cinematography I'd like to know how do you work with Peter Suchitzscky. Do you give him total freedom to decide the camera's ubication and focal lenghts? Do you planify anything before shooting? How much do you "cover" in shooting? What does Peter do during pre-production?

Leonardo Faria posted 10/2/02 2:31 AM     Click here to send email to Leonardo Faria  
There are several parallels beetween your films and the ones of David Lynch. Even though the differences are evident, both tematically and aesthetically, can make a comment about what you find about his cinema, particullary ragarding Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway?

What have you been reading lately? Is there any philosophical work which you find interesting, besides Descartes and Sartre, both of which you have already mentioned in the past?
Leonardo Faria posted 10/2/02 2:51 AM     Click here to send email to Leonardo Faria  
Regarding the "focus group" scene at the end of eXistenZ: Judging by the way all the characters are portrayed, is there any possibility that the reaction of Alegra and Pikul, no matter how radical, are actually an alternative that represents a certain kind of revolt against what we see, in the figure of Y. Nourish and his devotion (or rather a sell-out) to the company, and the participants, who look more like suburban amateur film critics, clearly not really undertanding what has happened ("the twists and turns at the end left me confused") against a certain approach to art today? I mean, even though you might be critical to the attitudes of the couple, do you take for granted Nourush´s innitiative, or rather what it has turned to when controled by a corporation like TrancendenZ?

-And what do Pikul and Allegra really mean when they say "don´t you think you should be held responsible for the most efective DEFORMING of reality?" Does their fundamentalist face lie in the fact that they think that reality has a form (in a realist, platonic sense)and not a form that we give (in an idealist way)?
insect posted 10/2/02 7:34 AM    
I have read somewhere, that you are to direct The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch - based upon the novel of Philip K. Dick. Can you tell us something about that?
Greywizard posted 10/4/02 7:20 PM    
At the Toronto Film Festival, you claimed that Canada needs a quota system for its movie theaters in order to ensure the survival of Canadian film. However, Canadian film distributors claimed during the recent government review of the Canadian feature film industry that the problem wasn't that Canadian theaters were instantly prejudiced against Canadian films, but that the problem was that Canadian filmmakers make very few movies that are appealing to the public and give Canadian distributors the confidence to spend the time and expense needed for wider releases. What do you feel about this opinion these Canadian distributors have?
Chris posted 10/5/02 1:45 AM    
Ashbrg, PLEASE ask about The Fly Special Edition and Deleted scenes!

It's my lifes work!

- Chris

Bill posted 10/6/02 1:57 AM     Click here to send email to Bill  
What about deleted scenes in Videodrome? Do you mind or will we see the (masterpiece) uncut?
-The alternative ending with Max, nicki and Bianka sounds like the logical end to me!
-What were the alternatives out of these choices?
Ashbrg (neural-surged) posted 10/9/02 11:00 PM     Click here to send email to Ashbrg (neural-surged)  
hello there, i'm back from sitges.

the interview was short, but great! (15 minutes aprox) Cronenberg is a very nice person, Spider is a GREAT movie.

we also recorded other Sitges events in which David Cronenberg was involved (post-screening Stereo+Crimes of the Future, presentation of the book about the new flesh concept and receiving the time machine honorifical award).

Be patient, now we'll transcript (to have a text version) and edit (the final format will be a div-x .avi) the whole thing.

see you soon and thanks for your questions.
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Ashbrg (neural-surged) posted 10/9/02 11:15 PM     Click here to send email to Ashbrg (neural-surged)  
Camera was incredible seen in a big screen; Stereo and Crimes of the Future are very interesting but really experimental. Cronenberg joked with the audience when he arrived after the screening of the two films (he said that he couldn't believe that we were still there after seeing those slow and weird movies): "this is pure fanaticism" he said.
Bill Cleg is a poor devil
Chris posted 10/13/02 12:15 AM    
Ashbrg; thanks.
- Chris
Ashbrg (neural-surged) posted 10/31/02 1:36 PM     Click here to send email to Ashbrg (neural-surged)  
i've been having some serious problems with my computer and i've been also very busy with some other things, but finally i can say that you will be able to see and hear the interview very soon; next week, i hope.

Spider is showing in film theatres in Spain, everyone i talked with loves the film (well, but you have to know that most of them are film students or young filmmakers). When you go to see this movie, i recommend you to forget about everything you've seen, read, heard about the movie (the first time i saw Spider i didnt really see the movie, i was comparing it to the book all the time, and doing some kind of mental puzzle with all the pieces i knew -the book, howard shore's music, the shots and voices from the trailer and the entire scenes, 15 minutes of scenes of the movie, that i had seen in the 'epk' for the press... It was a very rational watching and i had to see it again to enjoy it as a normal spectator. So forget about everything before watching the movie and you'll enjoy the most original movie of the year.
See you soon, folks