The American Nightmare (2000)

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Name: The American Nightmare
Year: 2000
Type: Documentary (interview)
Length: 9 Minutes
Link: DivX 5.0.2 VHS rip with Hebrew and Russian subtitles (84MB)
Ripper: DonkeyKong

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    Here is the David Cronenberg segment (9 min) in The American Nightmare (2000), a documentary about the history of horror movies, containing interviews with John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Tobe Hooper, John Landis, Tom Savini and more.

    As a whole, the documentary is okay, but I didn't find it exceptionally good. Cronenberg himself appears 3 times in it: Twice in the beginning and towards the end of the documentary, but not for more than a few seconds, and once in a relatively long, contiguous segment, which is the interesting part that we're talking about.

    The main focus is on sex, the politics of sex and how these concepts reflect in Shivers (1975). Thus the clip contains major spoilers for this movie - so be warned if you haven't seen it already. It also contains tiny bits from Rabid (1977), The Brood (1979) and Videodrome (1983). The person analyzing the final scene in Shivers is Adam Lowenstein, an assistant professor of English and film studies at the univeristy of Pittsburgh.

    I had to re-record the audio and run it through noise-reduction, and the result is a very clear sound. Video quality is excellent. Originally, the segment contained several TV-news history clips that I found distracting, so I edited them out - about 40 seconds in total. You have to pay good attention to notice them: One is at 0:41 (the "heavy snow" is in the original movie) and the other one is at 3:14 (right in the middle of Cronenberg's sentence about biology).

    Some technical specs:
    Source: VHS (TV broadcast) with Hebrew and Russian subtitles
    Video: 640x416, 25 FPS, DivX 5.0.2, 2-Pass, 1200Kbps
    Audio: mp3, 64Kbps CBR mono
    Length: 9 Min
    Size: 84MB