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December 7 Poll
Best Performance by Milla Jovovich

Resident Evil (2002)
Zoolander (2001)
The Claim (2000)
The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)
Joan of Arc (1999)
He Got Game (1998)
The Fifth Element (1997)
Chaplin (1992)
Kuffs (1992)
Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991)

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December 13 Poll
Best/Funniest Performance
by Bill Murray

Wild Things (1998) /
     Space Jam (1996)
Ed Wood (1994)
Mad Dog and Glory (1993)
Groundhog Day (1993)
What about Bob? (1991)
Quick Change (1990)
Scrooged (1988)
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
Ghostbusters (1984)
Tootsie (1982)

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December 18 Poll
Best Movie by Steven Spielberg

Minority Report / Artificial Intelligenc
Saving Private Ryan / Amistad
Schindler's List
Jurassic Park
Hook / Always
Empire of the Sun / The Color Purple
Poltergeist / E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Indiana Jones
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1941 / Jaws

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Results of past polls:

December 18: Best Movie by Steven Spielberg

December 13: Best/Funniest Performance by Bill Murray

December 7: Best Performance by Milla Jovovich

December 1: I'd never have guessed that he is over 70 too

November 27: Favorite Composer-Director Duo

November 24: Best Acting Singer (Male)

November 19: Favorite actor losing weight especially for a role

November 15: Favorite actor gaining weight especially for a role

November 10: Best Performance by Judy Davis

November 2: Do you find BabelFish useful?

October 29: Best Crying Actor

October 25: I'd never have guessed that he/she is over 70

October 21: Best Classic Comedian

October 16: Your Favorite Brothers-Sisters Actors

October 11: Your Favorite Parent-Child Actors

October 7: Best Performance by Dianne Wiest

October 4: Best Movie by Francis Ford Coppola

September 29: Which actor do you hate the most?

September 27: Best Episode of Jim Henson's The Storyteller (1987)

September 24: Best Movie by Milos Forman

September 19: Best Movie by Stanley Kubrick

September 15: Best Movie by Penny Marshall

September 11: Best Movie by Brian De Palma

September 8: Best Voice - Female Singer

September 3: Best Model turn to Actress

August 31: Best Movie by John Schlesinger

August 27: Best Performance by Donald Sutherland

August 24: Best Singing Actress

August 20: Best Performance by Juliette Lewis

August 17: Best Performance by Robert De Niro

August 11: Best Performance by Johnny Depp

August 7: What do you think of DK's recommendations?

August 4: Funniest Movie by ZAZ

August 1: Best Performance by Dustin Hoffman

July 29: What browser do you use?

July 25: Best Movie by Robert Zemeckis

July 22: Best Performance by Jessica Lange

July 18: Best Movie by Paul Verhoeven

July 10: Best Performance by Sean Penn

July 7: Best Movie by James Cameron

June 29: Most Beautiful Actress Alive

June 24: Best Movie by Martin Scorsese

June 20: Best Performance by John Hurt

June 16: Best Performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh

June 14: Best Performance by Matthew Modine

June 8: Best Movie by Tim Burton

June 7: Best "Based on a TV Series" Movie

June 5: Best "Based on Comics" Movie

June 4: Best Remake

June 2: Most realistic/shocking torture/beating scene

June 1: Which movie least deserves to be on IMDB's top 10?

May 29: Funniest Woody Allen Movie

May 26: Best Sequel

May 25: Worst (Blockbuster-)Movie ever

May 24: Worst Sequel Ever

May 23: Funniest Urination/Bathroom Scene

May 18 (Open Question): What would you ask Cronenberg at Cannes?

May 17: What is the most interesting Cronenberg documentary you saw?

May 16: Worst movie to watch with your parents

May 15: Best quotes

May 13: Most underrated by Cronenberg fans

May 12: Most underrated by the general public

May 11: Best novel/story/play adaption

May 10: Best Movie Poster

May 4: Which movie was the first real "masterpieace" (marking the beginning of Cronenberg's "cinema magic")

May 3: Which movie were/are you most looking forward to see?

May 2: What is the worst movie to take her/him on your first date?

May 1: What is your least favorite section of the Site?

April 30: Best Last Shot

April 29: What is your least favorite Cronenebrg movie?

April 28: What is your favorite Crolsberg pic?

April 26: What is your most favorite section of the site?

April 25: Which of the following do you find the weirdest, in relation to the casting of the leading actors?

April 24: Best Main Titles Design

April 23: Best Script

April 22: Best Main Titles Music

April 21: Best Casting

April 20: Best Direction

April 19: What was the first Cronenberg movie that "caught" you (not necessarily the first one you saw)?

April 18: Who is your overall favorite Cinematographer of Cronenberg movies?

April 17: Most original/innovative movie

April 16: How old are you?

April 15: Most Surreal Movie

April 14: Coolest Name of a Production Company

April 13: Which movie could have been just as effective if shot in Black-and-White?

April 12: Best Makeup

April 11: Best Special/Visual Effects (not makeup)

April 10: Sexiest Actress in a Cronenberg Movie

April 8: Which movie is the least "Cronenbergian"?

April 7: How often should a new Poll be posted?

April 6: Which movie is the most "Cronenbergian"?

April 5: Do you like the NON-Cronenberg content on The Plasma Pool?

April 4: What was the first Cronenberg movie you saw?

April 3: Of all the 18 Cronenberg movies (features and shorts, excluding the upcoming Spider and Painkillers), how many have you seen??

April 2: How often do you visit The Plasma Pool?

April 1: Perfect Couple

March 31: What is your favorite scene in Dead Ringers?

March 30: Which movie should have a sequel?

March 29: What type of webhost banners do you prefer?

March 28: What is your favorite scene in The Fly?

March 27: Which movie has the saddest ending?

March 26: What is the best Howard Shore score of a Cronenberg movie?

March 25: Are you going to watch the Oscars?

March 24: Excluding Crash, what is your favorite love scene?

March 23: Which movie most closely resembles your own life?

March 21: What is your favorite Cronenberg role/cameo?

March 20: Which chat room do you prefer?

March 19: Best Cinematography

March 18: What is your favorite love-making scene in Crash?

March 16: How should this site be called?

March 15: What do you wish Dave for his 59th Birthday?

March 14: Best Actress

March 13: Best Actor

March 12: Which movie that Cronenberg was offered but turned down, would you like to have seen him directed?

March 11: Where are you from?

March 10: What is your favorite Cronenberg Movie?