DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 2004

Best Director
Brad Anderson    The Machinist
Alexander Payne    Sideways
James Wan    Saw
Also worth mentioning
Brad Bird    The Incredibles
Eric Bress,
J. Mackye Gruber
   The Butterfly Effect
John Simpson    Freeze Frame
Alejandro Amenabar    The Sea Inside
Susanne Bier    Brothers
Gen Sekiguchi    Survive Style 5+
Pierre Morel    District B13
Nicole Kassell    The Woodsman

Best Actor
Christian Bale    The Machinist
Also worth mentioning
Thomas Haden Church    Sideways
Paul Giamatti    Sideways
Javier Bardem    The Sea Inside
Ulrich Thomsen    Brothers
Kevin Bacon    The Woodsman
Jamie Foxx    Ray
Don Cheadle    Hotel Rwanda
Lee Evans    Freeze Frame
Dustin Hoffman    Meet the Fockers
Clint Eastwood    Million Dollar Baby
Jude Law    Alfie
Dennis Quaid    In Good Company
Joseph Gordon-Levitt    Mysterious Skin
John Sharian    The Machinist
Steven Robertson    Inside I'm Dancing
James McAvoy    Inside I'm Dancing

Best Cinematography
Xavi Gimenez,
Charlie Jiminez
   The Machinist
Bill Pope    Team America: World Police
Andrew Jimenez,
Patrick Lin,
Janet Lucroy
   The Incredibles
Also worth mentioning
John Mathieson    The Phantom of the Opera
David A. Armstrong    Saw
Makoto Shiguma    Survive Style 5+
Ben Davis    Layer Cake
Robert Richardson    The Aviator
Christopher Doyle,
Yiu-Fai Lai,
Pung-Leung Kwan
Matthew F. Leonetti    The Butterfly Effect
Paul Cameron    Man on Fire
Phedon Papamichael    Sideways
Xavier Perez Grobet    The Woodsman
Jose Roberto Eliezer    Nina
Cheol-ju Kim    Spider Forest
Manuel Teran    District B13

Best Score
Rolfe Kent    Sideways
Alan Silvestri    Van Helsing
Roque Banos    The Machinist
Michael Suby    The Butterfly Effect
Charlie Clouser    Saw
Alejandro Amenabar    The Sea Inside
Michael Giacchino    The Incredibles
Also worth mentioning
Lisa Gerrard,
Ilan Eshkeri
   Layer Cake
James Horner    Troy
John Williams    The Terminal
Nathan Larson    The Woodsman
Antonio Pinto    Nina
Min-hwa Yun    Spider Forest
Debbie Wiseman    Freeze Frame

Best Sound Editing
Van Helsing
The Incredibles
The Polar Express
Also worth mentioning
The Butterfly Effect

Best Animation

Best Production Design
Van Helsing
The Incredibles
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Survive Style 5+

Best Short
Best Picture
The Machinist
Also worth mentioning
The Incredibles
The Butterfly Effect
The Woodsman
Freeze Frame
Survive Style 5+
Inside I'm Dancing

Best Actress
Virginia Madsen    Sideways
Also worth mentioning
Hilary Swank    Million Dollar Baby
Marylouise Burke    Sideways
Imelda Staunton    Vera Drake
Debra Monk    Palindromes
Kyra Sedgwick    The Woodsman,
Michaela Eshet    Medurat Hashevet (Campfire)
Hani Furstenberg    Medurat Hashevet (Campfire)
Maya Maron    Medurat Hashevet (Campfire)
Guta Stresser    Nina

Best Writing
Alexander Payne,
Jim Taylor
Scott Kosar    The Machinist
Also worth mentioning
John Simpson    Freeze Frame
Leigh Whannell    Saw
Brad Bird    The Incredibles
Michael Clancy    Eulogy
Fabian Bielinsky,
Gregory Jacobs &
Steven Soderbergh

Best Makeup
Greg Cannom    Van Helsing,
White Chicks
Also worth mentioning
Jo Allen,
Manolo Garcia
   The Sea Inside
Valli O'Reilly,
Bill Corso
   Lemony Snicket's
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Jan Sewell    Creep
?    Kinsey
?    Saw
?    Million Dollar Baby
?    The Machinist

Best Visual Effects
The Incredibles
The Polar Express
I, Robot
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Spider-Man 2
The Day after Tomorrow
The Aviator
Also worth mentioning
Shark Tale
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Secret Window

Best Editing
Kevin Greutert    Saw
Peter Amundson    The Butterfly Effect
Christian Wagner    Man on Fire
Stephen Schaffer    The Incredibles
Also worth mentioning
Luis De La Madrid    The Machinist
Frederic Thoraval,
Stephanie Gaurier
   District B13

Best Stunts
District B13

Best Steadicam
Peter Wignall    Layer Cake

Leading movies:
The Machinist:   Picture, Director, Actor x2, Writing, Cinematography, Score, (Editing), (Makeup)
Sideways:   Picture, Director, (Actor x2), Actress, Score, Writing, (Cinematography).
Saw:   Picture, Director, (Cinematography), Score, Editing, Sound Editing, (Writing), (Makeup)
The Incredibles :   (Picture), (Director), Cinematography, Score, Sound Editing, Production Design, (Writing), Visual Effects, Editing.
The Butterfly Effect:   (Picture), (Director), (Cinematography), (Score), (Editing), (Sound Editing)

Movies that were considered (184):
3-Iron | 9 Songs | 13 going on 30 | 50 First Dates | 2046 | A Dirty Shame | A Gap in the Skin (Hada no sukima) | A Hole in My Heart | A Love Song for Bobby Long | A Moment to Remember | Alexander | Alfie | Alien vs. Predator | Along Came Polly | Alter Egos | Anatomy of Hell | Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy | Around the Bend | Atash | Bad Education | Being Julia | Birth | Blade: Trinity | Breaking News | Breaking Vegas | Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason | Brotherhood | Brothers | Catwoman | Cavedweller | Cellular | Childstar | Chrystal | Closer | Club Dread | Collateral | Columbian Love | Control | Crash | Creep | Criminal | Cronicas | Cube Zero | Da Vinci Code Decoded | Darwin's Nightmare | Dawn of the Dead | Dead & Breakfast | Dead Fish | District B13 | Don't Move | Dorian Blues | Downfall | Eros | Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind | Eulogy | Everyday People | EuroTrip | Exorcist: The Beginning | Fahrenheit 9/11 | Finding Neverland | Freak out | Freeze Frame | Garden State | Gunner Palance | Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle | Heights | Hellboy | Helter Skelter | Hotel Rwanda | I Heart Huckabees | I Robot | Imaginary Heroes | In Good Company | Incident at Loch Ness | Intern Academy | It's All Gone Pete Tong | Jack | Jiminy Glick in Lalawood | Kamikaze Girls | Kinsey | Knots | Layer Cake | Ladder 49 | Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events | Ma Mere | Man about Dog | Man on Fire | Maria Full of Grace | Mean Creek | Medurat Hashevet (Campfire) | Meet the Fockers | Melinda and Melinda | Million Dollar Baby | Mindhunters | Mysterious Skin | Napoleon Dynamite | Nina | Ocean's Twelve | Only Human | One Point O | Palindromes | Pinocchio 3000 | Post coitum | Primer | Ray | R-Point | Resident Evil: Apocalypse | Riding Giants | Ryan | Samaria | Saw | Secret Window | Sexual Life | Shark Tale | Shrek 2 | Shutter | Siblings | Sideways | Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow | Soul Plane | Spanglish | Species III | Spider Forest | Spider-Man 2 | Stage Beauty | Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation | Starsky & Hutch | Strings | Sugar | Super Size me | Survive Style 5+ | Suspect Zero | Team America: World Police | The 7th Day | The Assassination of Richard Nixon | The Aviator | The Bourne Supremacy | The Butterfly Effect | The Clearing | The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing | The Day after Tomorrow | The Devil and Daniel Webster | The Door in the Floor | The Edukators | The Final Cut | The Five People you Meet in Heaven | The Girl Next Door | The Grudge | The Guests (Ushpizin) | The Incredibles | The Ladykillers | The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou | The Life and Death of Peter Sellers | The Machinist | The Man | The Manchurian Candidate | The Merchant of Venice | The Notebook | The Passion of the Christ | The Phantom of the Opera | The Polar Express | The President's Barber | The Raspberry Reich | The Sea Inside | The Syrian Bride | The Taste of Tea | The Terminal | The Village | The Woodsman | Thinking XXX | Three Extremes | Tremors 4: The Legend Begins | Troy | Turn Left at the End of the World | Twist of Faith | Uno | Urban Martial Arts Action | Van Helsing | Vera Drake | Walk on Water | Whisky | White Chicks | Yo puta | Zebraman.

Special Awards

Most Promising Young Actress: Dakota Fanning for Man on Fire, Elle Fanning for The Door in the Floor, Hannah Pilkes for The Woodsman.
Most Interesting Actress: Jennifer Jason Leigh for The Machinist, Childstar and Palindromes.
Most Dedicated Actor: Charistian Bale for The Machinist.

"Will Sell my Mom, Religion and Soul for Money" Award: Mel Gibson for The Passion of the Christ.
"I have no Plot for my Blockbuster" Award: Stephen Sommers for Van Helsing.
"This Formula Worked on my Previous Movie, Why not Use it again to make more Millions" Award: Michael Moore for Fahrenheit 9/11.
The Shyamalan Lifetime Achievement Award for Moronic Plot-Twists: M. Night Shyamalan for The Village.
"Politically Correctness Preaching"/"Most Obvious Propaganda" Award: The Edukators.
Most Shameless AND Shameful Franchise: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.
Most Shameless AND Deceiving Advertisement Campaign: Yo Puta.
Most Deceiving Trailer: 2046.
"I Decided to Bore you to Death" Award: Kar Wai Wong for 2046.

Worst Writing: Ben Ripley for Species III.

Worst Horror: Club Dread, The Grudge.
Worst Thriller: Cellular.
Worst Mystery: The Village.
Worst Indie: The Raspberry Reich.
Worst Blockbuster: The Day after Tomorrow.
Worst Prequel: Exorcist: The Beginning.
Worst Sequel: Species III.
Worst Spin Off: Catwoman.
Worst Comedy: 13 Going On 30.

Best DVD Commentary: Thomas Haden Church and Paul Giamatti for Sideways.