DK's Best Achievements in Cinema - 2002

Best Director
David Cronenberg    Spider
Steven Shainberg    Secretary
Gaspar Noe    Irreversible
Roman Polanski    The Pianist
Alexander Payne    About Schmidt
Nir Bergman    Broken Wings
Also worth mentioning
Susanne Bier    Open Hearts
Bob Gale    Interstate 60
Greg Pritikin    Dummy
Martin Scorsese    Gangs of New York
Peter Jackson    LOTR: The Two Towers
Brian De Palma    Femme Fatale
Paul Greengrass    Bloody Sunday
Jeong-hyang Lee    The Way Home

Best Actor
Ralph Fiennes    Spider
Philip Seymour Hoffman    Love Liza
James Spader    Secretary
Adrien Brody    The Pianist,
Jack Nicholson    About Schmidt
Also worth mentioning
Harry Eden    Pure
Vincent D'Onofrio    The Salton Sea
Daniel Day-Lewis    Gangs of New York
Vincent Cassel    Irreversible
John Neville    Spider
Colin Farrell    Phone Booth
Mads Mikkelsen    Open Hearts
Nitai Gavirtz    Broken Wings
Min-sik Choi    Painted Fire
Glenn Plummer    The Salton Sea

Best Cinematography
Peter Suschitzky    Spider
Guido van Gennep    Moonlight
Steven Fierberg    Secretary
Benoit Debie, Gaspar Noe    Irreversible
Matthew Libatique    Phone Booth
Thierry Arbogast    Femme Fatale
Also worth mentioning
Pawel Edelman    The Pianist
Robert Elswit    Punch-Drunk Love
Michael Ballhaus    Gangs of New York
Conrad W. Hall,
Darius Khondji
   Panic Room
Valentin Belonogov    Broken Wings
Steven Soderbergh    Solaris
Il-sung Jung    Painted Fire
James Glennon    About Schmidt

Best Editing
Pam Wise    Secretary
Mark Stevens    Phone Booth
Thelma Schoonmaker    Gangs of New York
Michael Horton,
Jabez Olssen
   LOTR: The Two Towers

Best Sound Editing
LOTR: The Two Towers
Also worth mentioning
Broken Wings

Best Steadicam
Larry McConkey,
Mathieu Caudroy
   Femme Fatale
Kenji Luster,
John Hankammer,
Gregory Code
Charles Papert    Big Fat Liar
Best Picture
Spider [review]
Irreversible [review]
Broken Wings
Also worth mentioning
Interstate 60
The Pianist
About Schmidt
Behind the Red Door

Best Actress
Maggie Gyllenhaal    Secretary
Miranda Richardson    Spider
Monica Bellucci    Irreversible
Lynn Redgrave    Spider
Kathy Bates    About Schmidt/
Love Liza
Also worth mentioning
Frances McDormand    Laurel Canyon
Orly Silbersatz Banai    Broken Wings
Maya Maron    Broken Wings
Paprika Steen    Open Hearts
Stine Bjerregaard    Open Hearts
Sonja Richter    Open Hearts
Illeana Douglas    Dummy
Milla Jovovich    Dummy
Laurien Van den Broeck    Moonlight
Eul-boon Kim    The Way Home

Best Score
Howard Shore    Spider/
LOTR: The Two Towers/
(Gangs of New York)
Thomas Newman    Road to Perdition
Angelo Badalamenti    Secretary
Rolfe Kent    About Schmidt
Avi Belleli    Broken Wings
Also worth mentioning
David Fleury    Behind the Red Door
Lisa Gerrard    Whale Rider
Dae-hong Kim,
Yang-hee Kim
   The Way Home
Alberto Iglesias    Talk to her

Best Writing
Erin Cressida Wilson,
Steven Shainberg
Nir Bergman    Broken Wings
Also worth mentioning
Bob Gale    Interstate 60
Patrick McGrath    Spider
Alexander Payne,
Jim Taylor
   About Schmidt
Greg Pritikin    Dummy

Best Visual Effects
Star Wars: Episode II
LOTR: The Two Towers
Ice Age
Also worth mentioning
Blade II

Best Makeup
LOTR: The Two Towers
Blade II
The Master of Disguise
Austin Powers in Goldmember

Best Production Design
Painted Fire

Leading movies:
Secretary:   Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Cinematography, Score, Writing, Editing, Steadicam.
Spider:   Picture, Director, Actor (x2), Actress (x2), Cinematography, Score, (Writing).
Irreversible:   Picture, Director, Cinematography, Actress, (Actor), (Visual Effects).
Broken Wings:   Picture, Director, (Actor), (Actress) (x2), Writing, Score, (Cinematography), (Sound Editing).
About Schmidt:   Director, (Picture), Actor, (Writing).
LOTR: The Two Towers:   (Director), Score, Editing, Sound Editing, Visual Effects.

Movies that were considered (142):
8 Mile | 24 Hour Party People | 25 Hour | 28 Days Later | A Snake of June | About a Boy | About Schmidt | Adaptation | Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk | Ali G Indahouse | American Gun | An Evening with Kevin Smith | Analyze That | Austin Powers in Goldmember | Auto Focus | Below | Big | Big Fat Liar | Blade II | Bowling for Columbine | Broken Wings | Catch me if you can | Cinemania | City by the Sea | City of God | Collateral Damage | Confessions of a Dangerous Mind | Cube 2: Hypercube | Cypher | Dahmer | Dark Blue | Dark Water | Darkness | Death to Smoochy | Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood | Dolls | Door to Door | Dragonfly | Dummy | Eight Legged Freaks | Equilibrium | Far from Heaven | Femme Fatale | Frida | Gangs of New York | Gerry | Ghost Ship | Hellraiser: Hellseeker | Hollywood Ending | Hukkle | I Am Dina | I'm with Lucy | Ice Age | Igby goes Down | Impostor | In my Skin | Infernal Affairs | Insomnia | Interstate 60 | Irreversible | Jackass: The Movie | K-19: The Widowmaker | Ken Park | Laurel Canyon | Lilya 4-ever | Live from Baghdad | Lost in La Mancha | LOTR: The Two Towers | Love Liza | May | Men in Black II | Minority Report | Miranda | Mondays in the Sun | Moonlight | Mr. Deeds | My Big Fat Greek Wedding | My Little Eye | Narc | No Good Deed (The House on Turk Street) | Oasis | Okay | One Hour Photo | Open Hearts | Painted Fire | Panic Room | Reign of Fire | People I Know | Phone Booth | Public Enemy | Pumpkin | Punch-Drunk Love | Pure | Real Women have Curves | Red Dragon | Resident Evil | Road to Perdition | Robin Williams: Live on Broadway | Roger Dodger | Secretary | Showtime | Signs | S1m0ne | Solaris | Spider | Spider-Man | Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones | Suicide Club | Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance | Tadpole | Talk to her, Ted Bundy | Trapped | The Coast Guard | The Count of Monte Cristo | The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys | The First $20 Million is always the Hardest | The Good Thief | The Guru | The Guys | The Hot Chick | The Hours | The Master of Disguise | The Mothman Prophecies | The Perfect you | Pingu-Pongu | The Pianist | The Ring | The Salton Sea | The Sea | The Time Machine | The Transporter | The Way Home | Unfaithful | Van Wilder | We were Soldiers | Whale Rider | Whistle | Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled | XX/XY | xXx | Yellow Flower.

Special Awards

Most Promising Young Actor: Harry Eden for Pure, Seung-ho Yu for The Way Home.
Best Trailer: Spider, Irreversible.
Best Ensemble Cast: Interstate 60.

Worst Cinematography: Joaquin Baca-Asay (Roger Dodger) for the shaky camera work and for deliberately causing the audience a headache during the entire movie.
Worst Screenplay: Randall Wallace for We Were Soldiers, Adam Larson Broder for Pumpkin.
Worst Production Value: Tadpole.
Worst Horror: Dark Water.
Worst War: We were Soldiers.
Worst Sequel: Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled.
"I Decided to Bore you to Death" Award: Gus Van Sant for Gerry.