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25 July

"The Brood" - Podcast
Eric Anderson has a show called The Open Tomb. He invites you to listen to a recent podcast episode he did on The Brood. In his podcasts he talks about off-kilter movies and comics, usually with a little humor and skits. He says The Brood inspired the weirdest episode of his show yet. Check it out.

Episode 35 or Direct Link.

14 February

"The Point" - Cronenberg Article
Jonny Thakkar, co-editor of The Point Magazine invites you to read an article about David Cronenberg, by Tim Robey of the Daily Telegraph. It argues that Cronenberg's work is best viewed as "speculative sculpture in the medium of the flesh".

Here are the links:
Article: David Cronenberg’s Disembodied Cinema
Press report about the magazine

26 December

Actors and Artists who Died in 2009

Patrick McGoohan


Ron Silver


Natasha Richardson


Maurice Jarre


Marilyn Chambers


J.G. Ballard


Dom DeLuise


David Carradine


Farrah Fawcettı


Michael Jackson


John Hughes


Patrick Swayze


Pat Hingle


Dan O'Bannon


Brittany Murphy


3 October

Cronenberg to Interview Stephen King
On November 19th, David Cronenberg will interview American horror master Stephen King live onstage in Toronto.

More details on The Globe and Mail and on Simon & Schuster.

Credit goes to Cookie.

28 September

Cronenberg to Reboot The Fly
According to some sources, David Cronenberg is going to remake his own The Fly remake.

More details here and here.

Credit goes to Paola.

28 August

Still Here
Dear Plasma Pool Friends,

Some of you were concerned about my health and about the site itself.

All is well. I myself am very fine indeed, and I also have no intention of shutting down the site. I thank you for your concern and I'm glad to see some dedicated fans :)

Due to lack of time, mostly (and lack of interesting news, in addition), I didn't post news on the site in a while. Don't worry, I'm still here. And I hope that you can enjoy the site even if I don't post news.

I keep updating the Recommendation section (on the right side of this page) whenever I watch a good movie that is worth the recommendation, and I also keep updating the Awards section on a regular basis (although I didn't have the time to watch a lot of movies recently) - there you can see my recommendations of good movies and my warnings of some stinkers. Also, if you go to that section and press the date link (at the bottom of the page), you can also see my latest rankings and follow what I recently watched.


24 April

J.G. Ballard Dead at 78
J.G. Ballard, author of Empire of the Sun and Crash, died at age 78. He had suffered from cancer for several years.

Ballard is best known for the autobiographical novel Empire of the Sun, which drew on his childhood detention in a Japanese prison camp in China.

18 April

David Cronenberg Painting
Mike Retter sends us this short video of him making a painting of David Cronenberg directing Crash.

Old Cronenberg Stuff on YouTube
For those of you who were looking for the rare stuff by David Cronenberg, PlastikOD posted some of the old stuff on YouTube:

The Lie Chair (1975) (an episode in the TV series Peep Show): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
The Italian Machine (1976) (an episode in the TV series Teleplay): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Back in September 2008, Valentina Pozzi has asked me to tell you about the Chromosomes Exhibition of David Cronenberg work.

Check out the Cronenberg section on Volumina website, including the pages for the exhibitions for Chromosomes Miniatures, Chrosomomes in Rome, Red Cars and a video of Cronenberg visiting the Chromosomes Exhibition.

15 April

Marilyn Chambers Dies at Age 56
Adult film star Marilyn Chambers died at age 56 for unknown reasons.

The pretty Ivory Snow soap girl helped bring hardcore adult films into the mainstream consciousness when she starred in the explicit movie Behind the Green Door (1972).

She also starred in David Cronenberg's Rabid (1977), one of her few non-adult roles.

More info here and here.

Thanks to Paola.

4 April

David Cronenberg awarded French Legion of Honour
See the video on The Chief.

Thanks to cookie.

1 April

Cronenberg Plans an Eastern Promises Sequel
I know. It sounds like an April Fool's joke. It's not.

According to Entertainment Weekly, David Cronenberg is in talks to make a sequel to Eastern Promises.

A Cronenberg sequel... just when you thought things can't get any worse.

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What do you think about David Cronenberg making "Eastern Promises"? I love it. He did a great job.
I hate it. He went mainstream.


Human Planet (2011)

DK's rating: 7/10

Life (2009)

DK's rating: 8/10

Avatar (2009)

DK's rating: 7.5/10

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

DK's rating: 6.5/10

$5 a Day (2008)

DK's rating: 6/10

Moon (2009)

DK's rating: 7/10

The Pianist (2002)

DK's rating: 7.5/10

The Life of David Gale (2003)

DK's rating: 6/10

Rounders (1998)

DK's rating: 6/10

Boyz n the Hood (1991)

DK's rating: 6/10

Knowing (2009)

DK's rating: 6/10

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